Slashing-risk-free delegations are now possible

Peace of mind comes standard
We provide a unique opportunity to benefit from a risk-free, peace-of-mind guaranteed delegation
With Unslashed, you can take part in the consensus protocol of your favorite PoS blockchain without the need to worry about the rest

You become the insurance company!

Buying a cover is good ... but old fashioned
With your Wallet you became the Bank and with Uniswap you became the Exchange
Unslashed allows you to become the Insurance Company
With just a few clicks, from your computer
Yes. This is

A. Get Covered

Easy and simple: no minimum duration and no time commitment. Receive a token that represents your cover and use it to make claims when needed

B. Cover Others

Satisfy your risk appetite and take the other side of the trade. Buy or sell validators' risks and earn a yield for the protection you provide

Convenience and control. Decentralized insurance how you want it

At Unslashed, we're committed to providing you with the best technology to help you hedge some risks and get exposure to other risks. Our focus is to build tools that combine security and simplicity to offer you the best experience


Fully Collateralized

With new risks comes unknown exposure. We take blockchain risks seriously and our smart contracts make sure your cover is constantly collateralized

Automatic Claims

Slashing events trigger automatic claims on our smart-contracts. Everything becomes simple and transparent

Market Based Pricing

The market prices the risk. Offer and demand allows to have different premium prices for different validators slashing risk

Building the insurance layer on the blockchain

Blockchain and Decentralized Finance are bringing the world to a new level of freedom and pushing the traditional boundaries, decentralized finance can not exist without decentralized insurance

Let's build it together!
Unslashed Services Ltd - 2020